Relentless Devotion to Improvement


Any successful engagement begins with a common set of principles, practices and language.  To that end, we begin every engagement with training that jump starts our customers toward their transformation they are seeking.  Typically, we offer, but never limit our training to the following:

  • Certified Agile Leadership (Essentials, Teams, Organizations)
  • Agile Overview

        This includes the typical umbrella of principles and practices such as Agile, extreme Programming, Scrum, Lean, Kanban

  • Scrum Overview

        We focus specifically on Scrum and its set of principles and practices.  For private engagements, we offer the ability to become a Certified Scrum Master(CSM)

  • Agile Engineering Overview   

        Focus on engineering practices largely developed through eXtreme Programming such as Continuous Integration, Testing practices, Architecture & Design, and more

  • User Story and Estimating Workshop

         Focus is on techniques to develop WHAT the Team will be implementing by capturing User Stories then techniques on how to estimate them.

  • Product Owner

         Focus is on the role of the Product Owner who will be leading the team by defining what the Product is and will be.

  • Scrum Master

         Focus is on the role of the Scrum Master teaching this person to shepherd the team through its development cycles

Once trained, a good coach will help the organization with its transformation by offering tried and true patterns as well as when to apply them.  This is possible through having many experiences.  More importantly, through coaching these patterns are applied based upon the needs of the organization.  This is a collaborative process that builds throughout the engagement until the organization has attained a level suitable to them.  We accomplish this by developing a plan, implementing and refining that plan together through an embedded experience. 

There exist times when customers have very targeted needs.  For those needs, we offer very targeted consulting services such as:

Mapping CMMi to your Agile Practices
Are you interested in how CMMi can coexist with Agile?  Would you like to get CMMi certified and use all of your Agile principles and practices?  We can help to map these two worlds. 

Developing Agile Artifacts
We will help to develop traditional Agile Artifacts such as:

  • Product Vision
  • Product Roadmap
  • Release Plans
  • Product Backlog