Relentless Devotion to Improvement


Our Vision 

Provide transformative solutions to help our customers realize their greatest potential


Shokunin is an IT consulting services company that specializes in organizational transformation, product development coaching and building great product teams through coaching and training. 

We bring high quality leadership and organizational transformation services to organizations of any size with a desire to build outstanding products and services. We seek to assist organizations achieve greatness in their endeavors through continuous improvement and a dedication to realizing their full potential.

We do this primarily through the use of Lean, Agile, Scrum, eXtreme Programming principles and practices as well as extensive training in servant leadership and high quality facilitation skills. Our experience is deep in software development and we bring many of those same problem solving techniques to all our engagements. 

What is a Shokunin?

Shokunin is a Japanese term.  Shokunin are craftsmen or artisans who attain a mastery of their profession through steady practice and dedication to their craft.