Relentless Devotion to Improvement


Meet Brandon Raines

Over a career spanning over 20 years,  Brandon has been a developer, tester, project manager, architect, Certified Scrum master, Certified Scrum Practitioner and Certified Scrum Coach. Mr. Raines has helped teams mainly in the federal government as an Agile coach in their transition to Agile ranging in size from 10 people to 1500. Mr. Raines was first introduced to Agile through eXtreme Programming techniques. Since then, he has helped teams doing mission critical work in the U.S. Federal Government and commercial entities using Scrum, xP and Lean principles to work more effectively by focusing on work that provides the highest business value and continuously improving. In addition to project teams, Brandon has been instrumental in helping these government agencies usher in the acceptance of Agile principles to such an extent that it is the preferred way of working for software projects and the enterprise. His passion is working with motivated people to achieve success.

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